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Deep engraved / etched dies

They are designed to perform intaglioed engravings and hot stamping on thick and soft materials (such as leathers, ecoleather, bookbinding cases, and wavy (corrugated) paperboards or wood).

For this purpose, both brass dies and magnesium dies are used. These two types of matrices differ from hot stamping  dies in term of grooving. In case of these two dies, the deepness is two times bigger. For brass dies it is 3 mm deep, and for magnesium matrices it is 2.8 mm. Angles of how the grooves are done in these two also vary from an angle of typical grooves in hot stamping matrices. Reliefs of the deep engraved dies are made in almost perpendicular angle; in turn, this prevents imprints of the sides of the given image in used materials.


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