About Us

What we do?

Grawer Polska has been working for years for major clients in the printing and advertising industry. Our brass, magnesium and polymer matrices are used in the premium packaging industry, especially in the cosmetics, confectionery and alcohol industries. With our products it is possible to make embossing and gilding on paper, cardboard, leather and leather-like materials, wood, and other advertising media.

budynki Grawer Polska

We are a group of people who with passion and constant curiosity are engaged in searching for new and better solutions in the field of gilding and embossing.

In our opinion, only such an approach and openness to customer needs guarantees success, which we have undoubtedly achieved by becoming a leader on the Polish market and in our part of Europe.

The company draws its knowledge from the long-term experience of its employees gained in the printing industry, as well as from the knowledge coming from our customers, who through their often very high requirements are the best teachers for us.

Our company was established in a garage in January 2009. Just a few months later it moves to one of the halls at Poznan International Fair. We employ a few people and our offer includes only polymer and brass dies.
In February 2012, we reach our next milestone - the first overseas shipment is sent and since then we have been steadily expanding the export of our products.
In 2015, we move to our own building located at 7 Sianowska Street with an area of 1200m2. We are also expanding our machine park - thanks to the purchase of new machines we are extending our offer with magnesium matrices.
In June 2016, we received the ISO 9001 Quality Management System certificate and the ISO Environmental Management System ISO 14001.
A second branch is opened at Kobylinska Street. The number of employees rises to 120. We also open a training and experience centre.
We are implementing ERP softwares that connect all processes taking place in the company - from the moment of ordering, through design, production and shipping supervision, to invoicing. Thus, we proceed with the implementation of Industry 4.0’s concept.
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Why should you work with us?

With years of experience in the printing industry, focus on continuous development of employees and machinery, we provide our customers with services and solutions of the highest quality.


Over 20 years of experience in the printing market

Guaranteed quality

Continuously improved ISO Quality Management System

We focus on relationships

Customer satisfaction is our top priority


Continuous harmonious development of production processes in harmony with the environment

Qualified team

More than 120 people respond every day
to your needs


Having 2 production plants we guarantee security of supply

Machinery park

Unique machine park
and use of lasers

Consulting & Training

Proper identification of needs and assistance in choosing the right solution


If you would like to find out more about our products and services, please write to us