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Installation systems and memory systems

When ordering a die, please define the way you would like to have it installed in a machine.

If it is supposed to be fixed like a honeycomb, we can chamfer it. Or do you need a “step” to fit it into rails or handles? Will you need to fix it into mounting holes or do you want us just to cut it in 90 degrees because you will stick it to a double-sided duct tape? Dies can be prepared and finished accordingly to our Customer’s wish, but that is not all …


To reduce the set-up time and to increase profitability of the production, we install our hot stamping dies on steel plates (Thinplate) that already with the matrix are just 7 mm thick (that is the same size as a traditional matrix). Thanks to that, operators do not waste time to positioning dies against  sheets in case of reproducible works.

Our pressing/stamping dies can be installed on prepared boards or ready for assembling in a cut die..

If few dies work interchangeably in one cut die, we can use a special memory system that will readjust the settings to the preferable position once every next die is placed in the cut die or the board.


If you would like to find out more about our products and services, please write to us