Matryca złocenie z przetłoczeniem - Hot stamping with embossment
In just 8 years of activity, the Poznań-based company Grawer Polska has become one of the top five European companies specialising in the manufacture of dies for embossing and gilding. It also owns 80% of the Polish market, where it is the only one to engrave with a laser and make dies with an injection moulding machine and rotary dies. The company is also distinguished by its openness to cooperation, friendly relations and readiness to integrate and share knowledge and experience during annual hot-stamping workshops.

The history of Grawer Polska began in January 2009; Andrzej Włoch and two of his co-workers, Joanna Wrzesińska and Paweł Miodoński, decided to close Wykrojniki Polskie and take up engraving. We started our business in our garage at the height of the crisis, and we succeeded probably only because we had no idea what consequences it could have – laughs Andrzej Włoch. – Unaware of anything, we entered a mature market in which large companies with foreign capital and plans to invest in production facilities in our country played the first fiddle. Moreover, we started with engraved brass dies, while the market used mainly magnesium ones. This really shouldn’t have worked, but thanks to the fact that I always maintained good relations with suppliers, many people helped us by opening numerous doors. Among other things, I was given the opportunity to visit the die production plant and learn the manufacturing process within 24 hours. The beginnings were extremely difficult; we couldn’t make two dies the same and it initially took us 48 hours to produce a decent patrix! The fact that we had won the trust of our customers with our previous work made them forgive us a lot and help us even more.