Grawer Polska warsztaty hot stamping
During the 2nd All-Poland Training Workshop organised at the end of May by Grawer Polska in Brzednia, representatives of more than thirty printing companies listened to lectures given by specialists. There was also plenty of fun.

Grawer Polska from Poznań produces many types of dies for gilding and embossing for the needs of premium packaging industry, especially for cosmetics, confectionery and alcoholic beverages.Thanks to dies it is also possible to emboss on leather and leather-like materials, wood and other advertising media. On the first day of the workshop Paweł Miodoński and Joanna Wrzesińska (Grawer Polska) gave presentations introducing the subject of brass, polymer and chemigraphic dies. The second day was started by Wladyslaw Chumowicz, the owner of a bookbinding shop, who shared with the audience his experience in the industry and showed his most beautiful works.