artykuł Grawer Polska dekada pasji

A decade of passion

From a garage to one of Europe’s top five die makers – that is how the ten-year journey of Grawer Polska can be summarised. Over the decade the company has developed from a team of several people carrying out simple orders to one of the European market leaders. The scale of operations has changed, but the values that guide it have remained the same. We talked to the owner of the company about its history, priorities and plans for the future. We talked to the owner of the company, Andrzej Wloch.

The company’s history begins in 2009. Before we set up Grawer Polska we dealt with blanking dies. When we decided to change our business, we had a few ideas on what to do next. One of them was precisely die engraving, because at that time no one in Poland offered this – at least not on a large scale. There was also a need on the Polish market for a company that would be able to solve problems in the area of refining.